Camp Pricing

For summer camps, a one-time, nonrefundable fee will be charged at the time of registration to reserve your child’s place in camp.

Camp pricing ranges from $312 – $362, depending on the material cost of the camp.

Class Pricing

For weekly dance classes, tuition is paid monthly based on the number of hours taken per week and a 10-month dance calendar (August-May). The first and last month of class tuition will be prorated and non-refundable. Tuition will not be prorated or altered for studio closure dates or if your dancer misses class. See below for monthly tuition rates.

A $39 registration fee ($70 for more than one child) and the first month’s tuition are paid at registration and are nonrefundable.

There will also be an additional recital fee charged in December. This fee helps us pay to rent the space for the end-of-year recital and includes your dancer’s costume and 2 free tickets to the show.

A $15 late fee will automatically be applied to your account if tuition is not received by the 7th of each month.

Time Per Week Monthly Price Time Per Week Monthly Price Time Per Week Monthly Price
30 minutes $65 1.5 hours $89 2.5 hours $129
45 minutes $70 1.75 hours $99 2.75 hours $139
1 hour $75 2 hours $109 3 hours $149
1.25 hours $80 2.25 hours $119 3.25 hours $159

Have Questions About Pricing?

If you have any questions about our tuition policies or what class is the best fit for your dancer, fill out the form below. We’re always happy to help.