Pre-Professional Programs

Our Pre-Professional Programs are for students who want to take the next step in furthering their dance training and who are interested in extra performance opportunities outside of the end-of-year recital. 

These programs are designed to give students an immersive experience in all aspects of the dance world. Company dancers will attend competitions, help organize philanthropic events, participate in community performances, gain experience choreographing their own dances, and have opportunities to develop their leadership skills.  

Dancers are selected and placed into our Pre-Professional Programs through an audition process. 

What is a dance competition?

Dance competitions are weekend-long events where dancers from across the country come together to perform in front of a group of judges. Dancers are split into categories based on age, experience, and style. At All In, we believe that competitions are great learning experiences for dancers. Through competition, we can teach dancers how to be comfortable performing in high-pressure environments, winning or losing with grace, and much more.

What are dance conventions?

Dance conventions are dance competitions with additional educational opportunities. Conventions host workshops with experts in a variety of topics and are designed to give dancers exposure to different teachers. We believe that conventions are an important piece of furthering our dancer’s education.


The All In Company Dancers are given the full pre-professional experience. Being a company dancer means committing to dance as the primary activity that teaches us how to be the best well-rounded human we can be. We will participate in community events that not only allow for a performance opportunity but teach the value of how to give back. We will produce high-quality performances, where our students learn how to perform and act professionally in the business. 

Who is it for?

  • Dancers who want to further their commitment to dance and experience all parts of a professional dance environment.
  • Dancers who want to be part of a community of committed friends working together to hone their skills.
  • Dancers who want to develop leadership skills and prepare for life after high school.

Class Requirements (6.5 Hours Weekly):

  • 1-hour jazz
  • 2-hour ballet (1 hour is company only Ballet)
  • 45 min tap
  • 45 min company technique/rehearsal 
  • 1-hour company class/rehearsal 
  • 1 hour additional class (this class may be used for suggested technique required based on placement or could be left up to dancers choice)

Experience and Performance Opportunities: 

  • Company dancers will have the opportunity to audition for a solo dance, which they will take to competitions and conventions.
  • All company dancers will be placed in at least one group dance with other members of company.
  • Company dancers will have their own technique class where they can focus on training with dancers of their same capabilities and aspirations.
  • Company dancers are required to attend all conventions or competitions scheduled by All In Dance Academy.
  • Company dancers will be able to register their solos or group dances at additional competitions, should they desire.
  • Access to masterclasses scheduled by All In Dance Academy.
  • Company dancers who wish to will be given the opportunity to TA for Miss Sierra to learn how to teach and develop leadership skills.
  • Additional prep or recommendations for dance opportunities outside of All In, including community theatre performances or school dance teams.


We ask a lot from our company dancers and we understand that not everyone is ready or willing for that commitment. The pre-company is designed to give dancers a taste of the full company experience through specialized training and performance opportunities throughout the year.

Families interested in Pre-Company will work with Miss Sierra to determine a personalized plan for their child based on their experience, age, and company requirements. Please fill out the contact form below if you are interested in learning more about our Pre-Company program.

Who is it for?

  • Dancers who want to further their commitment and training in preparation for joining our Company in the future. 
  • Dancers who are not yet meeting the standards or work level of a Company dancer.
  • Families with a dancer who is ready to commit yet are unsure of the time and financial commits of being a full-time Company dancer.

Interested In Joining Our Programs?

If you have danced before and would like to be a part of one of our Pre-Professional programs, reach out through the contact page below. We are happy to discuss our company program in more detail and help decide whether we’re the right fit for your dancer.